Welcome to the website of Christbert Steude.

Close to Mildenstein Castle in Leisnig, Germany, and off the noisy roads lives and works the painter Christbert Steude. He paints great pieces of art, mainly in pastel colours.

The art of painting, especially the landscape art in pastel colours, is combined with the culture of wine. One of Christbert Steude’s hobbies is the cultivation of several grapevines on the Amtsberg hill in Leisnig and making wine out of the harvested grapes. Unfortunately, the amount of wine produced is only enough for himself and his family.

In 1992, Christbert Steude received his qualification as an approved wine consultant for German wine and since then he has been working as a freelance sales representative for the E. Maria Gerhardt Winery in Bornheim, Germany. There, Christbert Steude was also able to combine his two passions. He designed his own bottle labels for the Winery Gerhardt and turned the editions into small pieces of art, and not only inside the bottle.

The boundaries between profession and passion are almost invisible and there is a good chance of finding Christbert Steude with a glass of wine painting or taking care of his orchids, listening to music or playing music himself (he plays the trumpet) and almost always in a good mood.